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Drive-In Rack solutions give you high density and superb storage space. Since there is no route, they can be used to reduce space. They are stored in continuous blocks and can be operated with traditional forklifts.

Drive in racking system is a high-density, multi-level storage system utilized in storage and warehousing companies. They are designed to function as an FIFO system. In order to use the system, it is necessary to take the pallet in from behind, using an entry guide. The system utilizes gravity to guide the pallet across rollers at top of the rack.

Access to information

This is perhaps the most important benefit that customers will benefit by using this method. Pallets are generally taken away and stored using the forklift. This row allows forklifts to take a pallet out without disturbing the rest the pallets in order to the level. For racks with longer lengths, it is possible to use a ramp utilized in order to elevate the forklift the level required to take away the pallets.

Drive In Racking is designed to be both tall and narrow in the width. This makes it perfect for smaller warehouses and structures that are limited in space. By using this system, the customers can make the most of the space within the building.

Refilling and storage of high density products

The rack design permits users to keep multiple items such as fresh food items. It is simple to remove and is great to store large amounts of fresh food and medicines. The rack can function as a transportation system for the unit when the layout of the warehouse is set up in a flow-through style. The pallets can then be loaded in the flow lane and transported directly to the area for shipping. This can save employees and owners time, effort and also money.

Drive-Thru Rack

Drive-in pallet rack

Making the investment in Pallet Rack Drive ensures you will have the latest and most dense storage system. The benefit of this method is that it allows you to use the pallet truck to move pallets from the delivery vehicle directly to the warehouse , without opening any doors. This is referred to as basic inventory management.

Drive-Thru Rack is ideal for megaunits that require a sturdy stand that can store the materials across multiple levels. Certain companies require an assembly module that can stand to store the inventory. In this case, drive thru racking can be the ideal solution.

These kinds of storage units generally have an easy-access feature. The pillars are constructed and placed so that forklift operators will not have difficulty reaching the areas they require be able to access. If the team is large and tall, the operator can make a slope so that he can just drive the things he wants to.

In many instances the systems can achieve the greatest possible efficiency in space. Within the warehouse it is an important benefit. In extremely tall warehouses there are a lot of pallets kept in extremely restricted space. In the end, an enormous amount of space is now vacant. This makes it simple to wash the floors of the structure.

Maybe you are now aware the importance of Pallet Flow Racking solutions for industrial storage could benefit you in a variety of ways. It is apparent the floor area within the warehouse has grown enormous. It’s also simple to recognize that you could keep a lot of goods within a limited area. Be prepared to find this solution is affordable. Pallet Flow Racking is a reliable and ecologically sustainable storage solutions. DISTRIBUTION X ensures an efficient and effective inventory management for all of its customers.

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